Nitrogen deposition decreases acid buffering capacity of alpine soils in the southern Rocky Mountains

July 26, 2011 – 11:21 am

New paper out in Geoderma this week based on some work I did with my advisor Bill and an undergrad in our lab, Anna Lieb. Anna put a ton of work into this project and did a great job, so I’m really happy to see this in print. Anna has gone on to a Ph.D. program in math at U.C. Berkeley.


We took soils from Bill’s long-term N addition plots and added acid to them in the lab. As you can see above, the plots that had been most heavily fertilized (lowest line) were also most sensitive to acid addition, with greater pH drops for the same amount of acid added, suggesting that the ongoing N deposition in this ecosystem makes these soils more susceptible to acidification.

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