Summer field work

September 28, 2009 – 10:27 am

I got married!!!


Pretty awesome. We had a great wedding on September 5th and an equally great honeymoon to Hawaii. Also, Jackie knows me pretty well (of course) and so she made me this awesome nitrogen cake!


But before wedding madness took hold, I had a great summer field season on Niwot Ridge. It was my last field season of my dissertation and I did a vegetation survey of my study area, which was pretty fun. We measured hundreds of quadrats. Here are Riley, Andrea, and Carly with our beloved quadrat:


I can’t wait to put all the data together and analyze it with my nitrogen data. However, I have a bunch of other manuscript and postdoc related work I have to get to before I can do that.┬áHere’s a little friend that we came across! Thanks to Carly for these pictures.


We got pretty good at identifying the plants this summer, even the grasses and sedges, though the Poa spp. are still basically impossible to tell apart, even with the extremely generous help of expert Colorado botanist Nan Lederer. Even for those though, we have a good set of morphospecies which I will go with.

Thanks again to the awesome field crew!!


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